The War Between Worlds.


Frankly, to be honest, I was rather apprehensive about reading a Salman Rushdie novel. For no other reason, but I was forced to read Midnight’s Children in my first year of Political Science at college, and I was left in awe.

No one can accuse Salman Rushdie for a lack of creativity and imagination – Rushdie, with the several layers of depths to his characters, with his works that more often than not seem to displease crowds, with his thought-provoking interviews and quotes that one would love to go to sleep with… Rushdie, has never left the limelight, and I believe it’s safe to say, that there can be no other like Salman Rushdie.

When I first picked up Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Days I was more than just nervous, with his works, it’s always best to expect the unexpected. And even then, Rushdie finds a way to leave his readers spell-bound. In this tale that borders more towards science fiction, we are introduced to a world that exists only just above our own, Peristan. A re-imagination of The Arabian Nights, Rushdie’s Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Days is a book bursting at the seams, a book that is yearning to tell you tales of love, lust, power, a war, a fairy, 1001 nights, … oh and did I mention love? Existing in Peristan, are jinns, beings that are created from smoke and fire; beings with powers that no man can comprehend.

Until one day, Dunia, falls in love with a philosopher, Averros, from the human world – and it is with this match, that a brilliant combination of half-human-half-jinn lineage with unexplainable powers. With dark jinns and overpowering philosophers, the barrier between the two worlds is disrupted.

Rushdie has penned another fantastic tale that has all the elements of a great story. This book has a rhythm that won’t disrupt you, but it also contains within itself the workings of a great tale, one that will definitely leave you mystified and confused at various stages in your read.

The war between the two worlds is commencing, where will you be?

Disclaimer: The link to the book takes you to – Do note that Flipkart does not promote this blog, or is not associated with this blog in any manner. All views mentioned above are solely my own, and no author or outside party has influenced this post, my opinion of the author, or the review of the book in any manner.

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