A Raw Woman.

… to write love is to confront the muck of language, that region of hysteria where language is both too much and too little, excessive.

– A Handbook For My Lover, Rosalyn D’ Mello.



It’s Raw.

Pure, unadulterated feelings.

Rosalyn D’Mello’s A Handbook For My Lover is a book, well, I wouldn’t really call it a book, it’s a journey. A journey of a variety of emotions that one’s mind, body and soul succumb to when they encounter this funny thing called, Love.

Her writing is crisp, yet it has a conversationalist feel to it – one that at times almost makes you feel like an eavesdropper.

Her lover, a man almost 20 years older than her, is a renowned photographer and has some pictures that can stop the very beatings of your heart.

And this is what, through the words of D’Mello, you find out page by page, how he took over the beatings of her heart.

There are several reasons why I believe that someone should read, and yet, shouldn’t read this book. Like I stated earlier, going through the pages of this book, it becomes clear to the reader that D’Mello, she’s smitten. There have been many love stories, one could almost pass this off as a story like any other… But it’s not.

It’s her raw writing that makes you blush, makes you sigh at times, and at times makes you even want to push the book away.

Is there a story, or a train of thought that to her memoir? I would have to say no. For those looking for a narrative that follows the typical path, as per the norm, you’d have to look elsewhere. But if you’re read to expose yourself, and yes, I choose my words carefully, if and when you’re ready to expose yourself to her words, then this will be the read of the year for you.

If anything, I believe that D’Mello’s writing, as a passionate lover, care-taker and friend of a man years older than her, is purely inspiring. It’s not a fairy tale, because those come with happy endings… This, is a tale that’s not even close to an ending.

All I know, is that from the moment I laid my hands on this book, it became clear to me, what I wanted from a relationship.

Raw, Pure and Unadulterated.  




Disclaimer: The link to the book takes you to www.amazon.com where you can purchase a copy – Do note that Amazon does not promote this blog, or is not associated with this blog in any manner. All views mentioned above are solely my own, and no author or outside party has influenced this post, my opinion of the author, or the review of the book in any manner.


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