The Reckless Protégé


“… A book is not a product when an author is writing it. At that moment it is a dream. It is the purpose of existence for the author. But the moment you put a price tag on it and place it on a shelf in a bookstore, it becomes a product.”

He looked at the others in the audience and after an intentional pause, added, “Otherwise why even bother to sell it? Give it away for free.”

The Bestseller She Wrote, Ravi Subramanian

Aditya Kapoor, best-selling author with an equally spectacular career, neatly bowed up with a beautiful wife and a loving little boy. His life, from his eyes, and the secret Google searches he would indulge in from time to time, was perfect.

Nothing was amiss, all until a heated argument with a student full of life, nerve and a power that no one could quite understand, the gorgeous, Shreya Kaushik.

Their journey takes several unexpected turns and twists, leaving all those in it’s wake, troubled and confused.

What immediately caught my attention in this book is storyteller, Ravi Subramanian’s ability to take his readers from one plot twist to another so effortlessly, that as an ambitious writer myself, I have to say it leaves one utterly jealous.

There are parts in this book where, with the right imagination, it almost feels as though one is watching the scenes play out.

From Aditya’s self-confidence, Shreya’s sultry mannerisms, Maya (Aditya’s wife)’s unwavering support to her family, every role is defined, is played out, is crystal. There are so many questions that the reader has from the very beginning of the book, “Can Aditya, a master novelist himself, be a true mentor?”, “Is Shreya smart or selfish?”, “What would you do, if one day, you had the chance of encountering your role-model, and soon after he becomes your number one fan?”

All this and more, in this gripping novel by Ravi Subramanian, The Bestseller She Wrote. Add this to your list of Indian contemporary authors, and you will not be disappointed.






Disclaimer: The link to the book takes you to where you can purchase a copy – Do note that Amazon does not promote this blog, or is not associated with this blog in any manner. All views mentioned above are solely my own, and no author or outside party has influenced this post, my opinion of the author, or the review of the book in any manner.


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