A Fairy Tale For Adults.


“The real dragons never die, but you still have the right in your life, to live out an adult fairy tale.” – Adultery, Paulo Coehlo.

There are a lot of book out there that are written and created to help others with a journey that the author has himself set out to seek. Some would put these under self-help, others would push them away for fear of being judged and then there are some, that only when you reach the last page, the last sentence, you realise that it helped you more than you imagined it would.

Paulo Coehlo’s Adultery is one such book, it’s a book that while I wouldn’t be entirely convinced of it being my one of my favourite Coelho’s, it definitely did stir up something unusual within me. I have to confess, I haven’t met a lot of readers who take too kindly to his writing. In fact, there have been many who have even tried to convince me otherwise – but there is something in Coelho’s words that touched my soul from the first time I set my eyes on his words.

If you’re a new addition to the Coelho Club, I would strongly suggest that you start with The Alchemist, it was one of my favourites and always will be a book that I hold closest to my heart. But that is a review that deserves a lot of time, to construct every word and thought of mine carefully so as to try and give the book the justice that it deserves.

For now, its time to look at a woman. She’s a fantastic woman – she is living the perfect life, with a loving husband, darling children and has a respectable job that she is passionate about. So where’s the problem?

“Sometimes you have to lose yourself to discover who you are.”

And that’s when it begins. It’s not self-doubt mind you, it’s monotony. She is unaware of how and why the goals that she had set out for herself years ago, now after having them all achieved neatly under her belt are weighing her down. It is true that sometimes, life may not go as we have planned, and it is also true that sometimes there are several factors that are the reason for this – but what happens, when life goes exactly as planned, every tiny detail that you dreamed out, you see it in reality, around you.

When exactly does chaos hit you – does it come slowly, like a rising tide? Or does it come all at once, sucking you in before you even realise where you are, and why you’re surrounded by darkness.

This is a story of self-destruction, a story of forgiveness, a story of love, passion, lust and most importantly, a story of self-realisation. While you would wonder why I am recommending this book, it’s not because of any bias to the author, it’s because of the way in which this story moved me.

It’s the way this story at first made me want to put the book away, and then taught me a very important lesson of life, life and more importantly, of following your dreams. Eventually, when the words were reaching an end, the last page of the book, I was wishing it would never end. But as it did, I have to be honest and say, it started something within me.

Dreams have a way of turning into reality, if you focus enough. And anyone who is a fan of the theory, “the Universe always conspires to give you what you want,” then you may already be a witness to the way some of your wishes have a way of turning into reality. Some dreams, however, are better left un-lived. Some dreams, they are better left behind in the early morning thoughts on your pillow. This story will ask you about your dreams, and ask yourself to question your dreams, and wonder why, why are you so keen, on seeing this dream turn into a reality?

So pick up Adultery, and let yourself dream, ask yourself questions, and if you’re strong enough, listen to those answers.

“Sometimes you have to lose yourself to discover who you are.”


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