A Tale of Death, By Death

And when Death tells you a story, you really have to listen.” – The Book Thief, Markus Zusak.


It’s a book that has recently caught every reader’s attention.

It’s a book that really, not much can be written, shared or spoken about it.

It’s a book that you can’t just read.

It’s a book that you won’t be able to put down, even if your tired eyes beg you to.

It’s a book that demands your attention from the title itself.

It’s a book, about a Book Thief.

It’s a book that begins with honesty,

Here is a small fact. You are going to die.” – Death and Chocolate, The Book Theif; Markus Zusak.

I wasn’t suggested this book, nor did anyone ask me to read it. There was a lot of hype surrounding it, and the film, but somehow, somewhere, I couldn’t get myself to read it. Then, a passing Tweet caught my attention,

“This book will destroy you, and then create you.” – It went a little something like that.

And I knew that I must read it. Since my last read, The Fault In Our Stars, I wasn’t too sure if I wanted to pick up something that was written by Death, but aren’t we all created to revel in another’s misery. Besides, I thought to myself, how bad could this be?

Don’t ever ask yourself that question.

Because a great author will take it upon himself, or herself to answer it for you.

And you’ll be left, alone in bed, emotionally and physically broken. You’ll be gripping on to the pages of this book, wishing it would end soon, but too frightened to actually reach it.

Liesel Meminger born to a world of misery, surrounded by misfortune and haunted by the presence of Death himself, is the Book Thief. (Don’t worry, no spoilers are ever included in my reviews.) It’s a simple story, of a not-so-simple time, when Hitler’s presence was shaking the very foundations of humanity. She finds happiness in corners one would not expect a small girl, whose left behind an entire family, to find. In her father’s music, her mother’s interesting choice of words, her best friend, Rudy who always demanded a kiss, and a special friend who despite a quiet entrance into their home, leaves a lasting impression on her heart and how can I forget, in between the pages of books.

It’s within the comfort of words that she changes not only her life, but of those around her. And it’s this that has caught the attention of Death. Don’t worry, he doesn’t catch up, and forget not, “That even death has a heart.

To be honest, I’ve not reached the end of this book.

There’s a part of me that wishes that this book has more then 10 parts, has more to Liesel’s story, more to her life… But alas, everything has to come to an end. So why don’t you pick up, The Book Thief, and share this journey with me. Because believe you me, as you let every word pass you by, your eyes will hunger for more.

It’s not just a story, it’s Death’s story.


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