The Curious Adventures of A Librarian

Most of my friends have come to believe that due to the ever increasing pile of books around my room, some scattered, some under pillows, while some neatly stacked in shelves, that I would at any given point of time be able to answer their odd question, “Tell me what to read Richa !”
Fortunately, it was after being asked this question for the millionth time that I decided to come up with a sort of story, of my journey with all the books that I have read so far. Resulting in a blog that would become the ideal answer to the much asked question.

When I think of books, I think of them as secret adventures that an author takes with his reader. He chooses his words, carefully and constructs his sentences wisely. He allows the reader to travel, all the while from her comfortable sofa. She could be a thousand miles away, perhaps in another galaxy, or in a secret garden, or maybe even down the rabbit hole. But with sparkling eyes, and a glasses falling down her nose, possibly even with her mouth slightly open, she reads and reads, book after book, travelling from one heart felt journey to another. Mind you, this may just be a faint hint of what I usually seem to be doing on lazy afternoons or long, cold nights, but I am sure that all avid readers, like me, tend to sigh, cry, giggle or even through a tantrum when a dear book, as dear as a friend, in in their hands.

When I start a book, it’s for any number of reasons actually- sometimes I can go far enough to say I read one of the most beautiful books in my life, merely because I liked the cover; shocking, I know, but this is a story for another time. For now, I want to tell you a story of me and and my adventures with books, how they have managed to make me understand the strongest part of me: That a book and I is the greatest company I can have.
It started too long ago for me to remember, but ask anyone who knows me for more than a few minutes, and they will tell you that I always travel with a book, I always keep a back-up book, I always have one unfinished book and there’s always one within grasping distance before I go to sleep, and when I wake. I also prefer holding a book, feeling the pages and the words as I reach them, as opposed to the modern versions of books today. (But, this has absolutely nothing to do with this blog, your wish to read will be my command to supply.)

So, come along on this adventure with me. For a second forget your age, your gender, your religion, your purpose… and learn how to absorb yourself into the pages of a book, for it is there I believe you find your strengths and weaknesses, and it is here, you will find true love.

Let me share my adventures with you, and I hope you find your great story hidden within the pages of a book. Here’s to the Curious Adventures of A Librarian.